Starting A New Design Leadership Role

Management Mind Maps

About management mind maps
I document my thoughts and learned lessons by creating mind maps to retain and synthesize information.

About this mind map:
My career grew in a non-linear and unconventional way. I managed a few small teams here and there but when I had to build a new design department for the first time, the gaps in my experience caught up with me. Over time, I've collected what I've learned and put together the following framework.


Understanding the landscape

I continuously try to learn about the organization and the role of technology and design within it. Besides new direct reports, chatting with managers, executives, peers, and partners from other disciplines can help you fill in the blacks. These conversations allow you to build relationships and trust as well. The list of topics to cover:



Settin up or updating the process

After understanding the existing culture and process, it's time to set up your management operations.